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to specialist mould makers who have made sustainability a priority since the very beginning.


Manufacturing competence for your products - this has been our motto for over 50 years. And it is still valid today.

But the method of applying this competence has clearly undergone changes. We have always evolved technologically, developing and expanding our core competencies.

We take responsibility for our activities in society, for ecologically sound production combined with economic efficiency and high quality. For us this means sustainability!

Especially because our products are used for the production of synthetic articles!

Are you interested in what we have recently implemented - and what we are planning for the future?



Our broad network helps to absorb production peaks, and conversely, we naturally also support other companies in the industry in the area of contract work in our key technologies.

Our team of motivated specialists "live" mould making. We know what is important for series tools and take customer-specific requirements into account. This applies to our own designed and manufactured moulds as well as to the reworking of third-party moulds.

We are also continuously looking for support for our team - full-time or part-time. Under the heading Career you will find the job descriptions. These give a rough framework - but are not set in stone.


For our pupils and students (m/f/d) we are also happy to offer internships or work during school holidays.